Introduction To Auto Immune Metro Style 2016

I Sabrina, Thank you for your time and consideration. My goal and mission is to share my remarkable story to the world. This event means a lot to me, and the people around the world who suffer, from an auto immune disease.

I am trying to make a difference, with the help of great and knowledgeable peers … I am delighted to say I will be able to announce and spread the word on August 7 & 8 2015 at the Holiday Inn, New York, NY. I will overcome my fear and deliver a testimony like no other as I unveil that I to, have an Auto immune disease, called "Graves”. If I can put a smile on a child’s face for one moment, erasing the memory of being stuck … Or give that Special Child a toy, or a friend a hug, speak with Congress, research cures, I will search high and travel low to make a difference until God calls me home!


The Staff at Metro Style 2016 would be honored to have YOU, a part of such an amazing event.


During the weekend of August 7-8, 2015: A FASHION SHOW will be held at the Holiday Inn Suite Hotel New York, NY.

The Fashion Show is targeted for aspiring and upcoming designers to showcase their designs on multiple models who will also grace the runway to be seen. These models are typically chosen based on their appearance, body type, and how well they fit into their pre-selected clothing.

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METRO STYLE is a tunnel of Opportunities for people of all nationalities to express their voice through style, fashion and Culture, while spreading awareness of Auto Immune. I invite you to share with me and an Extraordinary Weekend of Fashion, Fun, Health and Fame!

   Fashionably Yours,
    Metro Style Staff

August, 4-7 2016
The Kids Fashion Show Starts from 530 - 730 pm
The Adult Show will start from 8 - 10 pm

Sponsors, Judges, Designers, Bloggers & Media

(a) Macy’s:
(b) Worth Unlimited
(c) Touch of Joy Foundation
(d) Cross Fit Abyss:
(e) Linwood Productions:
(f) Organo Gold
(g) Verve
(h) Sephora
(i) Clinique
(j) Lancome
(k) LeReve Magazine
(l) Hair & Motions Magazine
(m) Estee’ Lauder
(n) Stewart Weitzman


Above are either Sponsors or judges in the Show, and a host of designers, bloggers and media named at a later date. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and Understanding! The Staff at Metro Style 2016.

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