Leah Monet Johnson

Leah Monet Johnson is an American teen actress on the rise who is consistently proving herself to be one of the next talented young actresses of this generation. Now 15 years old, Leah Monet began her acting career in 2009 at the age of 11. Since the launch of Leah’s acting career she has carved her way into the spotlight landing roles in numerous projects. Also she has ventured her way into modeling, singing, dancing, producing, and writing. With inherent charm, sharp intelligence, and a vibrant personality, Leah leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Leah understands that taking her experience as a young teen pursuing her dreams means becoming a role model for kids who aspire to become entertainers as well. Her unshakable commitment to achieve what many say is impossible is the driving force behind what keeps her focused.

Recently back in February of 2014 Leah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease with no cure as of right now. Initially it was very challenging for Leah to accept her condition. Knowing that she would have to live with it and treat it for the rest of her life was a very hard burden to carry, but after receiving support and motivation from her family and friends, Leah was finally able to accept, overcome, and embrace her diagnosis. She now takes it one day at a time, and is very grateful and blessed to wake up each morning and embark on a new adventure dealing with the unpredictable struggles of Diabetes.

Living with Diabetes is very tedious and requires an immense amount of patience, but she doesn’t let it dull her sparkle and she continues to shine on every day with her limit higher than the sky hoping to be a positive inspiration to all she encounters.
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