About Sabre Inc.

​CEO and founder of Sabre’ INC, Sabrina Ocasio was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA which is also home to the company. She developed her passion for modeling and fashion at the age of 7 in her personal closet! Walking through New York City with family, Sabrina was discovered as a model by a photographer at 15. She has since then worked with a number of major agencies including Ford, AD, Vinson, and Sean Andrande. From the ages 18-22, Sabrina modeled with Transition Modeling and Show Models consecutively. Through the ages 15-24 she modeled the runway and appeared in the following magazines: Clear Girls Magazine, Princess Magazine, and Overall Magazine. In this short amount of time, Sabrina has modeling experience with many designers, including Donna Karan, Fetish, Extreme Clothing, High Profile Fashion, Premiere Fashion, Styles ‘R’ Us, Pank, Diesel, and Top Notz Wear. At 22, her modeling career shifted as a model for True Modeling Agency until the age of 24. She graduated from Barbizon Modeling in Pennsylvania as a Director of Models. She also completed her study of Major Modeling that included specialization in commentating, directing, event planning, logistics and more.

Sabrina has stepped down from being in front of the camera, to putting on the World’s Greatest fashion Shows to benifit Graves disease! Sabre had a competitive, entrepreneurship drive and found a loyal team to help her start her own RESEARCH INTO PLANNING WHILE SPREADING AWARENESS!!!

After a month of name playing and her team acknowledging Sabrina’s love for the industry, the brand was renamed "Sabre’ INC”. Thus, Sabrina incorporated a part of herself into this unforgettable brand.

Withstanding all competition and having a new and young face, Sabrina is after it all! After the loss of her sister, Sha, in 2008 she was inspired to expand her company into other parts of the country such as, the Southeast. Sabre’s purpose is to help the less fortunate, yet well deserving, reach goals that seemed impossible to grasp, discover their talents at heart, and make their dreams a reality!

Sabre’ thanks you in advance for your consideration and invites you to assist us in providing these endless opportunities!

Welcome to Sabre’!

Fashionably Yours,​

President of Sabre Inc

Jonathan McKinney is an honor graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a concentration in the Scientific Foundations and a minor in Psychological Studies. While in college, Jonathan coordinated (and held the position of Administrative Director) numerous fashion shows and entertainment events. Professionally, he works as a Program Manager for an educational services company in the Washington, DC area. He is responsible for the development through implementation phase of career-based conferences for high school students, while overseeing a budget for three programs totaling $3 million. To date, he has worked with overseeing hotel, transportation, onsite management, and program management of more than 50+ permanent and temporary staff members and 3,000+ students. His largest event was the Presidential Inaugural Conference for President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration. Currently, Jonathan is pursuing a Certified Meeting Professional certification, which will open so many other opportunities for professional growth. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, Gamma Beta Phi, National Honor Fraternity, and Mortar Board, National Senior Honor Fraternity
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