My Story

Hello I am much honored to share my story; I, Sabrina was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  From an early age I had a drive for fashion, so it was not long before I was modeling at the age of 15. I had a successful run at it until, I saw the need to go from in front of the camera to behind the scene and produce amazing shows for the world to see.

After 7 years in the business, with a smooth edge on life, everything seemed to be going good.  During the year of 2011 around September, I noticed that I was having severe headaches, and shortness of breath, that were occurring on a regular basis.  I went to see a Neurologist who brushed it of as stress. Also during that period of time, I noticed the sun was burning my skin through long pants and long sleeves; this was rather odd to me. My menstrual cycle was decreasing and my BM was irregular and severely depressed. So as the months went by, I noticed a discoloration on my back turning white and my hair had begun to fall, like the leaves during fall ...

After diagnosing myself, maybe of having cancer, I would try the doctor again with the new symptoms...  I was told this time I was dehydrated and stressed out. Winter was soon arriving and thinking to myself, what else could go wrong. The day after Thanksgiving, I attempted to walk and I could not.  I tried to walk and it felt as if I was carrying bricks on my feet. But again I thought maybe I was just stressed and tired. Until the beginning of December, one  early morning, I was eating cereal and I could no longer hold my spoon in my hand  because tremors had begun ..

I was at the point of no return... Sleepless nights were present, not able to function and suffering from major depression. I wanted answers, so I went back to have more test performed, it was a mystery to everyone what I was experiencing, and boy oh boy was I afraid. My body had become my enemy! How I got through the holidays, I will never know but the year 2012 was approaching with a bang, and I was not ready for this.

Around January 6 of 2012, I was on the side of my bed gasping for air, slowly taking my last breaths, so I decided to try once more at the hospital, but a different one this time. During my travels I was stopped by the police, because I was swerving over the line and the officer noticed something was wrong, not concerned but concerned enough, he called an ambulance and I was rushed to the ER. I was in thyroid storm and my heart was beating at 175 beats a minute I was dying. The ER doctor came in after being hooked up to so many things and told me, have you ever heard of an autoimmune disease called GRAVES. I said no, she said well you have it and this is what it does. I cried and I asked God why, but I know God would not put on me no more than I could bear. I stayed for about 7 days fighting for my life.

My new life now would consist of an Endocrinologist and Cardiologist and a trip to the lab once a month, no fun. During the year of 2012 it was hell.  I was on PTU and Toprol to beat my graves. PTU for my infected goiter in my throat and Toprol to slow down my rapid heartbeat which it seemed neither worked. I endured countless sticks and several changes to my medications. Going to the hospital late 2012, I told my Endocrinologist, I can’t take this, she then in return told me because the graves went untreated for so long, my option to have the thyroid removed would be a 20 percent higher risk of dying during the surgery. So where was I to go from here...? She attempted to change my PTU to Methamizole which was a dangerous drug for such a young person and my heart pill to atenolol, to see if my TS3 and TS4 levels would be different. After all we were close to a year now that I’ve been diagnosed with GRAVES.

So many sticks and so much pain, the days seemed priceless, by now family was frustrated with my failing prognosis... So we are now into 2013, I was told I was in the 10% percentile of those with the worst cases of graves.  Mid- summer, now I had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure because of GRAVES. My Endo Doctor tells me now we must start Radiation to kill your thyroid cells and the toxic goiter in your neck. I did it in mid-2013 and it failed. I did it again in fall of 2013 and the doctors said it was slowly killing the toxic goiter but I had to wait to see if the levels would come back to normal as they had not been for years. The year is 2014, so I am waiting still to this day to get better. I refuse to be a guinea pig for anyone. So I rely on my medication and monthly sticks to stay alive.

I know radiation has effects and long life complications.  So Now I’ll just wait on time until Jesus calls me home. Of course, I will fight! I will not give up!


#IstandAlone #IamSABRE
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