Meet Tiena

Tiena Samone is an aspiring singer, actress and model. She also works as a teacher assistant, where she teaches preschoolers.

Born on November 5, 1983 in Clinton, North Carolina. Tiena Samone was raised by her mother. She quickly picked up modeling from training at home, and watching modeling shows on television at the tender age of 4. It wasn’t too long that her family realized she had a talent. Soon enough this developed into a passion for Tiena Samone.

During her 9th grade year, she appeared in numerous hair and fashion shows. The shows would consist of modeling hair styles and clothes.

Over the next few years, Tiena Samone would train and develop as a model, undergoing rigorous auditions and runway trainings. At the moment, Tiena Samone is looking to build her modeling career in the U.S., and will be happy to start on any assignments as soon as possible.

Tiena Samone is available for assignments in the following fields;

Tiena Samone does not do nude, but will be happy to work with swimwear and lingerie. No assignment is too small for her.

Her hobbies include singing, traveling, shopping, most importantly spending time with her son.

Tiena Samone has been blessed with many talents and is grateful for it all. With her humble heart and giving spirit, she’s sure to bless the hearts of those that will give her a chance.
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